Corona Diary

(Image courtesy: Google) With so many things going on in life, this blog has suffered a lot. It has been neglected and now seems unnecessary to post it, but I decided to publish it anyways. You may read 😊. It all started on 1st of October, 2020. Husband had some bout of perspiration and uneasiness … Continue reading Corona Diary

Rail Tales….Flying

Illustration by Pratiksha, my daughter Again to my early days of working, when I was naive and unaware of so many things. I am talking about the year 1992.  I used to travel by local train from Goregaon to Mumbai Central and back for office.  After a few days, I got familiar with few of … Continue reading Rail Tales….Flying

My first publish

E-book : I am extremely happy. One writing of mine has been selected and published in a book. This is my first publication in a book. This book is a compilation of real life episodes. There are in all 21 experiences in the form of short stories. Mine is the 20th story 😊. Isn’t it … Continue reading My first publish